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Terms & conditions
For the customers of:
Modelbouw store, Bloemendaalsweg 29, 2061 CB Bloemendaal, as well for companies buying that buy the products that Modelbouw distributes. 
Article 1 - General terms and conditions
1.1 These conditions are for all the products and services as well as all the contracts that Modelbouw has with customers.
1.2 Buy doing an order through te website, mail, in the store or at a show you have a contract with Modelbouw and buy that you agree with the terms and conditions.
1.4 Modelbouw has the right to make changes in their terms and conditions.
1.5 All products stay from Modelbouw until the payment is done buy the customer. 
1.6 Only completely filled in orderforms will be accepted. When we have any doubts about if all the information is correct we have the right to cancel the order. When necessery, we will report abuse and fraude at the internetprovider.
1.7 Delivery of the articles will be done as long as the articles are available. When you ordered a product that's sold out, we will contact you.
1.8 By sending pictures to Modelbouw you give Modelbouw the right to use these pictures for promotional use.
1.9 Nothing of this website can be used by others without the permission of Modelbouw All rights of this site, like the Modelbouw picture, the text and pictures are from Modelbouw
Article 2 - Orders, delivery and deliverycosts
2.1 Orders can be done by the webshop Modelbouw or can be picked up at the Modelbouw store, Bloemendaalseweg 29, 2061 CB Bloemendaal. 
2.2 Modelbouw doesn't have a minimum order amount.
2.3 Delivery of the Modelbouw orders for Dutch customers is done by TNT. We ask the average amount for a package for this service. Deliveries abroad are done by TNT.
2.4 Modelbouw is not responsible for the integrity of the delivery of your order.
2.5  After you order you receive an e-mail when your order is packed and when your order is shipped. When you are not at home when TNT comes to delivery your package, they will come back 3 more times. After that you receive a note with instructions on how to get your package.
2.7 The average deliverytime is depending upon the way you choose to pay. From the moment we receive your payment it takes in general no more then 1 workingdays to send your package (inside Holland).
2.8 When it's not possible to send you the ordered product, Modelbouw will contact you to find a solution by offering you a product that you can compare to the order originaly placed.
2.9 Modelbouw can not be held responsible for theft or damage during the transport to you. 
Article 3 - Payment
There are 3 options to do your payment:
  1. You can pay online with Ideal. Check for more information 
  2. You can pay online with Pay-Pal. Check for more information 
  3. You can pay the total amounth to the bankaccount of Modelbouw Please do not forget to place your ordernumber on the booking. The accountnumber of Modelbouw is  1955823 (Postbank). You have to do your payment within 5 workdays after you placed your order. When you don't pay in time, you will receive an e-mail to remind you of doing the payment. 
  4. You can pay the postman of TNT(rembours). Note: this is only possible within the Netherlands. 
In case we don't receive your payment in time, Modelbouw has the right to cancel your order and not to take any future orders of you anymore. Any extra costs that are made due to your order will have to be paid by the customer.
Article 4 - Products and guarantee
4.1 Modelbouw will guarantee the products good quality for a period of 6 months after delivery. (Check article 5 for the specific information, rules and regulations).
4.2 If there's a problem with any product, you need to inform us within 7 days after you discover the problem. You can inform us by e-mail, mail or phone. You will get instructions then on sending the product back. Never send a product back without contacting us first. Those packages won't be taken back.
4.3 When you inform us according to these rules and regulations, Modelbouw will repair or replace the product or the costs of the product. The guarantee only stands for the amount of the actual product, not for any additional costs that are caused by the product (for example, repairments you did).
4.4 Modelbouw offers no guarantee when the customer made changes to the product, when products are broking because the product is used the wrong way or by a lack of common sense use of the products.

Article 5 - The use of our products
5.1 Some of the fabrics of clothing can be washed in the washingmachine. If there's no specific label that tells you you can wash it in the machine, you should use handwash. Modelbouw advises not to use the tumble dryer unless it says specific on the label of the clothing. Washed clothing can not be returend to Modelbouw
5.2 Sizing information on the website is only an indication. There are no rights reserved on this information.
5.3 Products that have an instruction manuel should be used exactly according to this manuel. If you have any doubts by the use, the health or condtion for your dog, please check with your vet if the product is suitable for your pet.
Article 6- Liability
6.1 The liability of Modelbouw according to the products and the delivery of the products is limited to the guarantee rules and regulations (article 4).
6.2 Modelbouw can not be held responsible for any changes in the health of your dog caused by the use of our products when you don't use the products according to our guide lines.
6.3 Modelbouw can not be held responsible for any information that comes from distrbutors or producers of our products.
6.4 Modelbouw is not responsible for any problems caused by quality problems that were not obvious at the moment Modelbouw offered the products.  
6.5 For all other situations: Modelbouw can only be held responsible for the amount of the order the customer placed according to their invoice.  
Article 7 - Complains, exchange.
7.1 According to the Dutch laws you have the right to cancel your order within 7 days after the moment you receive your order. You can do this by writing an e-mail to our customerservice: Any costs that are made by Modelbouw due to your order (for example the shipment) will be taken of the amount of money you receive back.
7.2 When products aren't what you expected or you ordered the wrong product or size, you can exchange your product or you can get your money back. 
7.3 When our products aren't send back within the terms that are written below, the products are formally accepted by you. 
7.4 In order to exchange your product / receive your money back, you need to:
  • Inform us within 7 days after you receive the product about your complain, your request to exchange or your request to get your money back. You can do this by e-mail, mail, a phone call or by dropping by in our shop.
  • The product has the be with us within 7 days after we gave you the instructions on how to deal with sending the product back.
  • We only accept packages for which the postal costs are paid. We strongly advice you to keep your proof of sending in case your package get lost in the mail. Modelbouw can not be held responsible for any packages that are lost or get damaged during the sending.
  • Never send a product back without contacting us first.
  • Products that are send back without stamps, will not be accepted by Modelbouw
  • Products that are send back due to a wrongly send product, need to be send with stamps on them as well. We will refund this amount to you.
  • The product needs to be send back in it's original cover, unused, not washed, no damage and with the original cards and tags on them.
  • If you want to exchange the product for a different product we will charge you for the additional costs of the delivery and the difference in price in case the new product is more expensive. When it's less, you will receive a refund.
  • Additional costs have to be paid in advance. Modelbouw ships the new product after we get the product you want to exchange and the additional payment.
  • If you want to receive your money back (note: the delivery costs will never be refunded) you will get your money back within 14 days after we received the package (exactly according to the guidelines). 
  • Sale products can not be exchanged!
Article 8 - Prices
8.1 Modelbouw has the right to change the prices of our products. Pricing
8.2 As long as the agreement is not made Modelbouw has the right to make changes in the prices on the internet site and the terms and conditions.
8.3 All prices on the website have VAT and packaging costs included. The costs of the sending are included.
8.4 Modelbouw has the right to make changes in the agreement when it comes to VAT.  
Article 9 - Communication
For misunderstandings, delays, communication defaults, defaults in the communication system through internet, the webshop, payments and order by the use of internet or any other way of communication between you and Modelbouw / Modelbouw and any third party, Modelbouw can not be held responsible unless there's proof of neglect ion from Modelbouw 
Article 10 - Changes in the terms and conditions 
The terms and conditions that we have at the moment the agreement is made, are always the terms and conditions that will count for that agreement.
Article 11 - Legal system / judges 
11.1 On all rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements were these terms and conditions are made for, only the Dutch legal system is used.
11.2 Conflicts will be solved between both parties whenever possible. When that's not an option, the Dutch legal system / judge in the area where Modelbouw is (the town of Bloemendaal, nearest court Haarlem)  will come in.  
Article 12 - Privacy-statement
Modelbouw respects your privacy. Any information given by you will be treated confidentional. We will never give or sell your personal information to third parties apart from the companies involved in delivering your order.